Smart Tracker

SmartTracker protect you from losing valuable items by sounding a warning when you are about to leave an item behind. If you misplaced an item, the SmartTracker can make a noise to help you find it.If you misplaced your phone, you can press the button on your SmartTracker and your phone will make a noise.

Reparet Application

An application that makes attaining home-repair services very easy for the customers from the ease of their homes and enables home-repair service providers to enhance their business without having to travel to the site to view the problem. The app technically includes most of the features of a mobile application including multimedia content, payments, chatting system, ratings and reviews.

NYU Fire Department Website

The client wanted to build a website which can work on all types of devices such as phones, tablets and desktops or laptops. It is an responsive website which is optimized to work on smartphones, tablets and desktops in such a way that user get a seamless experience while browsing the website. It includes the images section, news section, video section and many other pages.

School Management | Android and IOS

School management application allows the users to make a database of all the student's data and then use for different purpose such as attendence, results etc. Application is made for both Android and IOS. The application use custom web api's which are fast to respond which make the application much more responsive then the other solutions. And managing all this at your fingertips is another plus point in itself.

Skybookings Admin Application

This app is for the users of skybookings. It provides admin functionality to manage events on the go.

Lime Application

Lime lets users put all our plans in one place. Create groups to easily organise events and make sure you never miss out on the chance to meet your friends again. No more awkward messaging around all our friends asking if they are free next Saturday. No more trying to make a plan in a group chat only for it to be lost in the endless stream of messages.

Loan Calculator

A website which allows the car dealerships to calculate the amount of loan that a user can get according to their income. It includes the down payment, biweekly payments that user has to pay to get the approved loan. It also includes the other things such as the number of terms that user will need to pay the total amount. This is a single page angular application that uses firebase for authentication. It also have an admin panel which allows the admin account to add different users. The authentication is done using firebase as it is secure and faster as compared to traditional methods of authentication. .

Nearby Spots Application

This application helps the users to locate nearby spots around them. How many times have you had a need to find a Gas Station in the middle of a trip or to locate the nearest ATM around you, in a city which you are new to? Find Near Me helps you to do this and much more in just a few taps. This application use the user's location, search nearby places and then sort them according to the different categories. It includes nearby spots such as health care places, Educational places, shopping places, sports places, places to travel, restaurants nearby, religious places, banks and many more spots.


Android application for the live telecast of the sport Kabbadi in India. Application includes links to the live telecast and the picture gallery of the sport. It also allows users to download wallpapers of their favorite superstars, referees and coaches. It also notifies users about the upcoming events through notifications.

Scouting app

Scouting app meant to simulate exchanging scouting torch light through the use of smartphones. Its a innovative and interesting concept that enables the users to get a feel of the torch relay with their phones. An app that enables to simulate the environment of torch relay without needing to use the actual torch. It simulates the feel of the actual torch relay event.

Bodega Bottle Reward Program

One of the most challenging applications of earning points is keeping track of all of your data. As per Bodega bottle reward app to users can rent a locker and gain points. and collect database for later marketing use. In this application use using one activity to multiple fragments. Every Fragment has assigned the task as fragment 1 is choosing the bottle. Its include choosing the locker number. Its also include Real-time database create and update Rewards data, database, and marketing. In these application users easily find to locker location then They click the corresponding location and Starts Fragment3View that Pops up User-Input that will pass the Bottle chosen along with the Locker Location. Then Customer inputs all of their data fields and hits Enter. Database assigns a new Rewards ID and lets the static Locker list of 0-355 update at the assigned locker location. Resetting to Home screen. This application allows Customers to gain Points and store data about them with or without a locker location.

Traced Application | IOS

This app is for the users of skybookings. It provides admin functionality to manage events on the go.

Cdd Library | Android and IOS

Application where you can read, listen or download PDF and Audio books