An application that makes attaining home-repair services very easy for the customers from the ease of their homes and enables home-repair service providers to enhance their business without having to travel to the site to view the problem.

Reparet Application | Android and IOS


Reparet inc.

Technologies Used




The app technically includes most of the features of a mobile application including multimedia content, payments, chatting system, ratings and reviews. The challenge was to develop a solution for real estate and home repair customers and providers that work consistently across android and IOS platforms and enables customers to make home-repair project posts, providers to bid on the projects, chat and make payments. The app needed to enable contractors to make posts using videos, photos ect and had to be implemented in an optimal fashion to enable uploading the multimedia data. The app had to sync across the multiple platforms which posed a challenge because of the different architectures of android and ios platforms. Our team of expert developers and analysts developed a solution that gives the users ease of use, reliable and adaptable solution to cater the needs of home repair for customers and enhancement of business for the home-repair contractors.

Reparet Application | Android and IOS